Author - Richard Benson
Publisher - Summersdale Pub Limited
Edition - 2011
Binding - Paperback
Language - English
Pages - 128
Condition - Used
A compulsive compendium of hilarious quips and quotes from children \n \nOn Love: "You get shot with an arrow or something, but it's not meant to be as painful after that."  \n \n \nReciting The Lord’s Prayer: "Our Father which aren't in heaven . . . Halloween be thy name . . . Deliver us from e-mail." \n \nThe world is a confusing place—especially for little ones—and their innocent observations and questions can often be side-splittingly hilarious. They can also be a tiny bit embarrassing if you're, say, behind an elderly gentleman at a busy checkout and your little angel loudly asks you, "Is that man all wrinkly because he's been in the bath too long?"