Author - Clyde D’Souza
Publisher - Random House
Edition - 2012
Binding - Paperback
Language - English
Pages - 228
Condition - Used
A jargon-free guide on how to play all kinds of office politics \n \nSome people can kiss ass naturally, some can’t do it to save their lives, and many just don’t know how! \n \nKissing Ass: The Art of Office Politics is a no-bullshit, jargon-free, non-sloppy guide that breaks own typical workplace situations and offers you not textbook advice but real sucking-up solutions to them. From nervous first days to elated farewell mails, Kissing Ass gives you tips and tricks on how to act, react, or play dumb as per the scenario. Learn different types of ego massage techniques, what to say to the CEO in the loo, how to reply to work emails over weekends, and, yes, even how to deal with sex at work! So polish your corporate lips, pucker up, and get ready to kiss your way to success.

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