Author - Jack Womack
Publisher - Flamingo
Edition - 1996
Binding - Paperback
Language - English
Pages - 309
Condition - Used
Murder, mafia and the scramble for money in the new Russia. A brilliantly received satire – achingly funny, deeply disturbing. \n \n‘We can prove Kennedy shot himself – as long as we’re paid in advance.’… In the unfettered freedom of Russia’s new-found venture-capital frenzy, Max Borodin can organize anything – if the readies are ready. That’s why he’s Moscow’s most successful businessman. But Max’s life has its downside: his wife, Tanya, nags him, his mistress, Sonya, exhausts him; and his brother Evgeny is a master at business fiascos. Then there are always the country’s friendly mafia, keen to lend a helping hand with the profits of Max’s Universal Manufacturing Company – producer of documents, historical and otherwise, to suit every conceivable occasion.