Author - Cathy Hopkins
Publisher - Bonnier Publishing Fiction Ltd.
Edition - 39570
Binding - Paperback
Language -
Pages - 176
Condition - Used
A dare and a kiss? Becca's in trouble now! Becca thinks she's through with boys - that is until Squidge dares her to kiss the first guy they see on the beach. The boy she picks has just arrived on holiday from London and is taken by surprise, but very happy with such a welcome. When Becca stands back and sees him properly, she realises that she quite fancies him too. However, life is never as simple as happily ever after. Becca's parents' marriage is on the rocks and she becomes increasingly stressed about what is going to happen. She questions everything to do with relationships and looks closely at what she wants from a boyfriend: is it escape, companionship, trust or someone to turn to? With the support of her friends she takes steps to discover what she truly values in her life. The seventh book in the popular TRUTH, DARE, KISS, PROMISE series.