Author - Tony Parsons
Publisher - HarperCollins UK
Edition - 2003
Binding - Paperback
Language -
Pages - 297
Condition - Used

A Novel About Love And Marriage About Why We Fall In Love And Why We Marry; About Why We Stay And Why We Go. Harry Silver Returns To Face Life In The 'Blended Family'. This Wonderful New Novel About Modern Times Can Be Read As A Sequel To The Million-Selling Man And Boy Or Completely On Its Own. Harry Silver Is A Man Coming To Terms With A Divorce And A New Marriage. He Has To Juggle With Time And Relationships, With His Wife And His Ex-Wife, His Son And His Stepdaughter, His Own Work And His Wife'S Fast-Growing Career. Meanwhile His Mother, Who Stood So Steadfastly By His Father Until He Died, Is Not Getting Any Younger Or Stronger Herself. In Fact, Everything In Harry'S Life Seems Complicated. And When He Meets A Woman In A Million, It Gets Even More So& Man And Wife Is A Brilliant Novel About Families In The New Century, Written With All The Humour, Passion And Superb Storytelling That Have Made Tony Parsons A Favourite Author In Over Thirty Countries.

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