Author -
Publisher - HarperCollins Publishers India Ltd.
Edition - 2012 
Binding - Paperback
Language - English
Pages - 340 
Condition - New

Trying to lose weight? Running around in circles where you Lose.Because circles go on and on.But what if weight gain is just a symptom? A symptom not only of how we eat food, but how we treat food? A symptom not only of how we cook food, but how we look at food? What if losing weight doesn’t begin with what’s on your plate but with what’s on your mind?For the first time in India, a leading nutritionist has worked with psychologists to give you a combined mind–body weight loss solution. Figure out not just what to eat, but also why you eat the way you do. Tackle the problem at the source. So that you can Lose.Until you don’t need to lose any more.

Pooja Makhija reminds us that food is not something to be feared, worshipped or abused. Her scientific approach puts food at the centre of weight loss, so that you can EAT your way to a thinner you. So that you can

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