Nero and the Burning of Rome

byTacitus ,  Michael Grant

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ISBN: 9780146001468

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Chariot-racer, poet, performer and reveller Nero dominated Rome during his erratic and divisive reign. He was the murderer of, among many others, his own mother, brother and wife, but the plot to kill him, supported by Roman officers and philosophers alike, foundered in yet more bloodshed, including the death of Seneca. Tacitus' lively account of the politics and figures of the time, and of the fire that consumed much of Rome in AD 64, is taken from The Annals of Imperial Rome translated by Michael Grant

Author - Tacitus ,  Michael Grant

Publisher - Penguin Books

Edition - 1995

Binding - Paperback

Language - English

Pages - 52

Condition - Used( Good Condition )

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