Author - Alice Alfonsi
Publisher - Disney Press
Edition - 39155
Binding - Paperback
Language -
Pages - 128
Condition - New
Series Description: \nCory Baxter is just a regular kid from San Francisco, but when his dad gets the job of White House Chef, Cory discovers that life can be very unpredictable-especially when you're living one floor away from the President of the United States! \n \nTitle Descriptions:  \nJunior Novel #1: New Kid in TownCory is the new kid at school, and he wants to impress his classmates. When an ambassador's daughter invites Cory to a presidential equestrian event, he pretends he's an experienced rider. But horses scare him silly, and he's been put into the jumping competition! Will he end up in the dust, and embarrass himself in front of Washington's elite? Plus, when an Ambassador decides that Cory is a bad influence on his daughter Meena, can Cory prove him wrong? \n \nJunior Novel #2: Top Secret! \nWhen Cory accidentally tells a reporter about a private conversation he had with the President, a national news scandal erupts! Can Cory out-scheme the paparazzi, or will he cause a major catastrophe? Plus, when Cory tries to raise money for a ski trip by giving secret tours of the White House, can he stop the hordes of curious tourists from bursting in on the President and revealing his scheme?

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