Author - Charles McCarry
Publisher - Orion Publishing Group
Edition - 2004
Binding - Paperback
Language - English
Pages - 484
Condition - Used
"Paul Christopher is the superior intelligence agent as skilled at choosing a fine wine as he is at tradecraft, at once sophistocated and dangerous, and no stranger to the world of dirty tricks. As the novel begins, Paul, now a remarkably fit 70ish, is dining at home with his cousin Horace, also an ex-agent. Dinner is delicious and uneventful. A day later, Paul has vanished. Months pass, and his ashes are delivered by a Chinese official to the American consulate in Beijing, and a memorial service is held in Washington. But Horace is not convinced that Paul is dead and, enlisting the support of five other retired colleagues - a sort of all-star backfield of the old Outfit - he gets the "Old Boys" back in the game to find Paul Christopher." They start with a photo found in Paul's study: a woman's hand holding a centuries' old scroll, once the possession of the Nazis and now sought by the U.S. government and Muslim extremists alike. Harassed by American intelligence, hunted by terrorists, Horace and the Old Boys travel the globe, from Xinjiang to Brazil, from Rome to Tel Aviv, Budapest to Moscow, on a search for Paul Christopher and the unspeakably dangerous truth.