Author - Jennifer L. Holm
Publisher - HarperCollins
Edition - 42556
Binding - Paperback
Language -
Pages - 272
Condition - Used
It isn?t easy being a pioneer in the state of Washington in 1899, but it?s particularly hard when you are the only girl ever born in the new settlement. With seven older brothers and a love of adventure, May Amelia Jackson just can?t seem to abide her family?s insistence that she behave like a Proper Young Lady. She?s sure she could do better if only there were at least one other girl living along the banks of the Nasel River. And now that Mama?s going to have a baby, maybe there?s hope. Inspired by the diaries of her great-aunt, the real May Amelia, first-time novelist Jennifer Holm has given us a beautifully crafted tale of one young girl whose unique spirit captures the courage, humour, passion and depth of the American pioneer experience. ?Newbery Honour Book (USA), 2000 Ages 10+