Author - Catherine Sanderson
Publisher - Penguin UK
Edition - 39849
Binding - Paperback
Language -
Pages - 352
Condition - Used
'Magnificent, a wonderful comedy . . . Sanderson has a novelist's gift for capturing eternal situations' FINANCIAL TIMES English Rose Catherine Sanderson loved France so much she moved to Paris . . . . . . where she got a job and found a Frenchman - Mr Frog. Together they had a child - Tadpole. Then, one day, in an idle moment, Catherine spiced things up by creating a blog - and Petite Anglaise was born. But Petite had a life of her own. Soon, she was snatching illicit moments in seedy hotels with sexy online lover James before Catherine ran home for a quality snuggle with Tadpole. Was daring, witty Petite having too much fun? What about Catherine's crumbling relationship with Mr Frog? She might be bilingual, but how long can an English Rose keep up a double life? Petite Anglasie is the true story of how a mum found love and romance in Paris by becoming the girl she'd always wanted to be. 'Written with breathtaking candour. A winner' EXPRESS 'Wry and often wise' INDEPENDENT 'I loved it' INDIA KNIGHT