Author - Erica James
Publisher - Sourcebooks, Inc.
Edition - 40848
Binding - Paperback
Language -
Pages - 448
Condition - Used
Promises you make to yourself are the hardest to keep ... Maggie Storm, who spends her days cleaning houses for people who often have more money than manners, promises herself that from now on she's going to stand up for herself. Married to a man with as much sex appeal as a recliner, she dreams about someone who can sweep her off her feet. Ella Moore, an artistic interior designer, promises herself that after seven wasted years with the man she thought she'd marry, relationships won't derail her life again. Ethan Edwards, a repeat offender when it comes to turning to women for sexual consolation, promises himself there will be no more women. But when Ella appears unexpectedly in Ethan's life, he find s himself turning to her for very different reasons. And when Maggie's romantic hero appears on her doorstep, she wonders which path she's really supposed to follow. International bestselling author Erica James weaves a delightful tale of three people daring to challenge their dreams. What readers are saying: "Endearing ... pure escapism. Loved it!" "It grips you right from the start." "Brilliant book; could not put it down."