Author - Joan Lennon
Publisher - Puffin
Edition - 2007
Binding - Paperback
Language - English
Pages - 370
Condition - Used
\n \nThree worlds, held in perfect balance. Nothing can change that. Well, \n \nnothing except a cataclysmic disruption in the Space-Time Continuum... \n \nLuckily the people in charge have a plan: Create three perfect Heroes, \n \nthe best of each world, and send them on a quest to find the Objects of \n \nPower that will restore the balance. But things go wrong when the \n \nHeroes are needed ten years earlier than expected, and three confused \n \nkids set off to save the worlds. Madlen, Bryn, and Cam have no idea what \n \nthey're looking for or where they'll find it. What they do know is that \n \nto fail would mean unthinkable disaster. \n \nIt's a pity, then, that someone is determined to stop them... \n \nFrom the icebound city of the dragons to the magical kitchen of The \n \nLondon House, Joan Lennon has crafter a highly inventive story that is \n \nfast-paced, fantastical, and funny. \n \n