Author - Catherine Cookson
Publisher - Random House
Edition - 2001-06
Binding - Paperback
Language -
Pages - 284
Condition - Used
Although entirely fictional, Rosie of the River was inspired by Catherine Cookson’s own experience of holidaying on the Norfolk Broads with her husband Tom. It is yet another example of the prodigious talent of Britain’s best-loved author. When Fred Carpenter suggests to his wife, Sally, that they should take a boating holiday on the Norfolk Broads, she is filled with trepidation. Nevertheless she summons her courage and they and their bull-terrier Bill set off, with Fred at the helm of Dogfish Three. Sally’s misgivings are soon justified, as a series of disasters, human, nautical and canine, threaten to ruin their holiday. Then everything changes as they make friends with the boating fraternity and encounter the remarkable 15-year-old Rosie, whose family history stirs their curiosity and sympathy. As a result, Fred and Sally decide to support Rosie’s efforts to better herself — and are rewarded when she finds love and happiness.