Author - Edward Docx
Publisher - Pan MacMillan
Edition - 2008
Binding - Paperback
Language -
Pages - 523
Condition - Used
When Gabriel and Isabella Glover return to St Petersburg they are grief-stricken: their mother has died there suddenly, and alone. In the snowbound city of their childhood they must confront not only their family's troubled history but the unresolved questions that remain. Why have they not spoken to their father in over a decade? And what exactly did their mother's frantic final messages intend to convey? Alive with feeling, humour and superblyrealised characters - from Henry, in thrall to his drugs and his mission, to orphaned Arkady, whose life as a pianist crumbled along with the Soviet Union - 'Self Help' is a heart-stopping novel. It asks how to live with integrity, what price truth, and how and whom we love.