Author - Jane Green
Publisher - Penguin Books
Edition - 2009
Binding - Paperback
Language - English
Pages - 448
Condition - Use (Good Condition)


Number one best-seller Jane Green - author of Straight Talking and Mr.Maybe - tells a heart-warming story of life, family and relationships in the captivating novel The Beach House. \n \nNan, a widow whose family has flown the nest, is an independent, free-spirited woman who couldn't care less what people think about her living alone in her beloved beach house. But when she discovers that money is running out and she might lose her home, she knows it's time for a drastic change. \n \nNan decides to rent out rooms for the summer and people start moving into the house, filling it with noise, laughter and tears. Among them is Daniel, a recently divorced father, who's struggling to find out who he really is, and Daff, the single mother of a truculent teenager who blames her mother unreservedly for her parents' divorce. \n \nAs the house comes to life again, Nan finds her family growing. Her son comes home for the summer and an unexpected visitor turns up, turning all their lives upside down... \n \nCompelling, absorbing and poignant, The Beach House is a story of friendship, love and those moments that can change your life. \n \nBest selling author Jane Green has captured the imaginations of readers in the UK and the US with novels that are perfect beach reads. Other titles also published by Penguin include The Love Verb (published as Promises to Keep in the USA), The Other Woman, The Patchwork Marriage (Another Piece of My Heart), Jemima J., Babyville, Girl Friday (Dune Road), Life Swap (Swapping Lives), Spellbound (To Have and to Hold), Second Chance, and Bookends. \n \n