The Couple in Room 13

byJohn Rector

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ISBN: 9781471196256

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Previously published as  Cold Kiss The most gripping thriller you'll read this year, perfect for fans of  The Hunting Party  and An Unwanted Guest Seven strangers. One body A decision that will change everything Nate and Sara are broke – and on the run from the past When a shady hitchhiker offers them cold hard cash for a lift, they can't afford to say no But when the man dies in the back seat, with more than two million dollars in his possession, Nate and Sara are forced to make a difficult decision. And, with a blizzard closing in, trapping them for who knows how long in a motel with five strangers, it’s a decision they won’t be able to run from Perfect for fans of Lucy Foley and Ruth Ware,  The Couple in Room 13  is a tense, twisty thriller that will not leave your hands until you've finished and will force you to ask the question, 'What would I have done Praise for  The Couple in Room 13 : 'A well-crafted, tightly plotted thriller which steadily cranks up the sense of menace page by page. You know something bad's going to happen and just have to keep reading…' Simon Kernick, Sunday Times  bestselling author of  Die Alone Clean, lean writing. Pure story with no padding. The pace was cracking and the tension cranked up with each chapter. I inhaled it!  Allie Reynolds, author of  Shiver Portents of disaster accumulate like wind driven snow... A sly and very accomplished first novel' Booklist 'Highly rewarding... I just couldn't stop reading... There's no better place to spend a few imaginative hours these days than Rector's snowbound motel' National Review 'Highly suspenseful, highly provocative... has elements of the teen horror film I Know What You Did Last Summer and the classic, groundbreaking Psycho ... highly recommended' Gumshoe Review 'One of the most violent, frightening and gripping books I have ever read. The phrase "I could not put it down" fits here and the ending stopped me COLD. An outstanding read don't miss this one!' Beyond her Book, Publisher's Weekly 'A novel that compels you to read on even though there are times you are too scared to. Brilliant' Sun 'Rector is the best find I've made all year' Tony Black 'Wonderfully compelling. Could almost see the film racing across my eyes' Maxim Jakubowski 'Tense, taut, throat grabbing. John Rector is far more accomplished than his years. Reads like a cross between No Country for Old Men and Deliverance . Terrific' Eric Van Lustbader 'One of the best debuts I've read in a very long time' Scott Phillips

Author - John Rector

Publisher - Simon & Schuster UK Ltd

Edition - 2010

Binding - Paperback

Language - English

Pages - 322

Condition - Used( Good Condition )

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