Author - Henry James
Publisher - NTC/Contemporary Publishing Company
Edition - 1999
Binding - Paperback
Language -
Pages - 208
Condition - Used
Eugenia, Baroness Munster, wife of a German princeling who wishes to be rid of her, crosses the ocean with her brother Felix to seek out their American relatives. Their voyage is prompted - so Eugenia says - by natural affection; but the Baroness has also come to seek her fortune. The advent of these visitors is viewed by the Wentworths, in the suburbs of Boston, with wonder and some apprehension. \n \nOf these, not the least alarming is the fascination exerted by the brilliant Eugenia on her impressionable cousins and their more wordly neighbor, Robert Acton. Can her restless spirit, which might find a safe haven in the New Englander's solid wealth, anchor itself to their solid principles? Or, as the Baroness phrases the question, who are these people, to whom fibbing is not pleasing? While Eugenia seems set permanently to unsetle them all, Felix, painter of trifling sketches, would diffuse among his hosts a healing charm, easing them in and out of various amorous complications, he has, as one might say of the novel itself, 'no fear of not being, in the end, agreeable.' \n \nThe text of this World's Classics paperback is based on the first English edition (1878).