Author - F. Scott Fitzgerald
Publisher - Scribner
Edition - 2017
Binding - Paperback
Language -
Pages - 183
Condition - New
The Great Gatsby Book is a novel, glamorous, ironical, compassionate – a marvelous fusion into unity of the curious incongruities of the life of the period – which reveals a hero like no other – one who could live at no other time and in no other place. But he will live as a character, we surmise, as long as the memory of any reader lasts. Buy The Great Gatsby Book It is a magical, living book, blended of irony, romance, and mysticism. \n \nIt is the story of this Jay Gatsby who came so mysteriously to West Egg, of his sumptuous entertainments, and of his love for Daisy Buchanan – a story that ranges from pure lyrical beauty to sheer brutal realism, and is infused with a sense of the strangeness of human circumstance in a heedless universe. \n \nBuy The Great Gatsby Book At Kitabay And Grab The Best Deals. \n \n