The Holy Vedas: A Guide to the Philosophies of Hinduism

byRupa Publications India

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Step into the profound realm of the Vedas, the timeless scriptures that have guided humanity for millennia. The Holy Vedas offers an illuminating journey into the heart of ancient Indian wisdom, where spiritual insights, cosmic truths and profound philosophies converge. Discover the Rig Veda’s hymns that resonate with the rhythms of the universe, the Yajur Veda’s rituals that bridge the earthly and divine, the Sama Veda’s chants that awaken the soul and the Atharva Veda’s incantations that heal and protect. Each Veda is a doorway to understanding the intricate tapestry of existence. This book unveils the Vedas’ intricate layers, from their mystical origins to their contemporary significance. Explore their teachings on ethics, karma, meditation and the cyclical nature of life. The Holy Vedas invites both seekers and scholars to traverse the ancient corridors of knowledge, where the past dances with the present, and the eternal truths of existence await discovery. Embark on a transformative odyssey as you unlock the essence of the Vedas, awakening your mind to the wisdom that has guided generations across the ages.

Author - Rupa Publications India

Publisher - Rupa Publications India

Edition - 2023

Binding - Hardcover

Language - English

Pages - 248

Condition - New

ISBN: 9789357026109

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