Author - Deborah Skelly
Publisher - Riverhead Trade
Edition - 2004
Binding - Paperback
Language - English
Pages - 272
Condition - Used
\n \nA sharp and uproariously funny look at the modern woman, as seen through the words of a talent agent, pushing forty. \n \nMaria O'Mara on Style: "I am definitely having a bad face day, which is so much worse than a bad hair day because it is impossible to just put your face in a ponytail and forget about it." \n \nMaria O'Mara on Men: "If the girl that came before Cinderella had just tried a little harder to get that shoe on she'd have been Mrs. Prince Charming." \n \nMaria O'Mara on her Fellow Talent Agents: "Mean boys in Armani suits." \n \nMaria O'Mara has it all and she desperately wants the rest. On the verge of turning forty, Maria has just a few short months to save her job, find a man, and start a family, and she may be going mad. Sophisticated, sleek, and painfully funny, Deborah Skelly's all-too-true debut novel is the notorious roman a clef that's already made an appearance on the New York Post's Page Six and has the entertainment community buzzing with anticipation. \n \n

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