Author - Robert Bauval, Adrian Geoffrey Gilbert
Publisher - Crown Publishers, Inc.
Edition - 1997
Binding - Paperback
Language - English
Pages - 335
Condition - Used
What purposes did the last of wonders of the ancient world serve? Why were they scattered across the desert in a seemingly random patterns? Mystery deepened when a secret door unopened for 5,500 years within the Great Pyramid was discovered in 1993. Bauval & Gilbert uncover the key to the plan that governed the their construction. Combining astronomy, history & detective work, The Orion Mystery provides an explanation. \nList of Plates \nList of Line Illustrations \nAcknowledgements \nPrologue-The Last Wonder of the Ancient World \nThe Genesis of the Orion Mystery \nThe Mountains of the Star Gods \nThe Discovery of the Pyramid Texts \nLet the Pyramids Speak \nThe Giza Plan \nGiza & the Belt of Orion \nThe Star Correlation Theory \nThe Brother of Osiris \nIntermezzo at the Pyramids \nThe Great Star-Clock of the Epochs \nThe Seed of the Phoenix \nThe Roads of Osiris \nEpilogue \nAppendix 1-Astronomical Investigation Concerning the so- \ncalled Air-shafts in Cheop's Pyramid \n2-Precession \n3-The Secret Chambers of the Sanctuary of Thoth \n4-The Survival of the Star Religion \n5-Logistics of the Shafts in Cheop's Pyramid \n6-The Horizon of Khufu \n7-The Sons of Ra & the Osirian Rebirth of the Pyramid Kings \nNotes & References \nBibliography \nIndex