Author - Agatha Christie
Publisher - Harper
Edition - 2002
Binding - Paperback
Language -
Pages - 332
Condition - Used
"Wickedness...such wickedness...." \nThe dying woman turned to Father Gorman with agony in her eyes. "Stopped....It must be stopped....You will...." \n \nThe priest spoke with reassuring authority. "I will do what is necessary. You can trust me." \n \nFather Gorman tucked the list of names she had given him into his shoe. It was a meaningless list; the names wer of people who had nothing in common. \n \nOn his way home, Father Gorman was murdered. But the police found the list and when Mark Easterbrook came to inquire into the circumstances of the people listed, he began to discover a connection between them, and an ominous pattern.... \n \nEvery name of that list was either already dead or, he suspected, marked for murder.