Author - A. J. Butcher
Publisher - Atom Books
Edition - 2003
Binding - Paperback
Language -
Pages - 272
Condition - Used
Bond Team have a new recruit. She's cute (Eddie is already starry-eyed), she's clever (Lori and Ben are well impressed) and she's hard as nails (as Eddie will soon find out!). But she's not Jennifer. Which probably explains why Jake doesn't like her. Then again, his feelings might stem from the fact that agents started to go missing about the same time as their new team-mate arrived. And for some reason equipment keeps going dangerously wrong when Bex is around. Could it be that Bond Team are harbouring a double agent...' Spy High continues with: 5: THE SOUL STEALER (Nov '03); 6: THE ANNIHILATION AGENDA (Jan '04) Visit and for more details.