Author - Ruskin Bond
Publisher - Rupa Publications
Edition - 2004
Binding - Paperback
Language -
Pages - 212
Condition - New
The popularity of Ghost Stories from the Raj resulted in a number of requests for more this period. Ruskin Bond delved into his archives and came up with another entertaining collection of strange or ‘nightmarish’ tales written by Englishmen who came to India and the East Indies in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Her are spooks, werewolves, dacoits, assassins, man-eating tigers, and head-hunters! And in his Introduction Ruskin Bond tells us why those “mad dogs and Englishmen” went out in the mid-day sun and what happened to some of them! Never a dull moment – and never a dull sentence in this, the eleventh of Rupa’s fast-selling anthologies.