Author - Elizabeth Landers,Vicky Mainzer
Publisher - Hyperion
Edition - 1997
Binding - Paperback
Language - English
Pages - 192
Condition - Used
Now in paperback, the tough-love truth about following the predictable clues men leave when they are unfaithful He says: "Ill never have an affair." He means: "Im clever. Youll never know." He says: "You need to see a psychiatrist." He means: "Youre the problem." He says: "Im working late." He means: "I found my soul mate." If any of the above sounds familiar, be on your guard: your husband may be following The Script. The Script: The 100% Absolutely Predictable Things Men Do When They Cheat is a wake-up call to women everywhere. Statistics show that 35 percent of men cheat on their wives. Authors Elizabeth Landers and Vicky Mainzer contend that every one exhibits the same signs along the way. In fact, they follow the same exact script. After interviewing dozens of people across the country, listening to hundreds of real-life stories of unfaithful husbands, they realized they were hearing the same things over and over again. Here is a book that will show you the signs to look for, red flags you may not have noticed before, and how to turn the tide before it's too late.