Author -Anita Shreve
Publisher- Little, Brown
Edition - 1998 
Binding - Paperback
Language -English
Pages - 246 
Condition - Used ( Good Condition ) 

In 1873, on a small bleak island off the rich fishing coast of New Hampshire, two Norwegian women are murdered in a fit of brutal passion. A third, Maren Hontvedt, escapes to witness a local man's execution for the crime.

More than a century later, Jean, a Boston photo-journalist, travels to the island on a research assignment to investigate the murder legend. She stumbles upon Maren's translated memoirs, carefully preserved among the faded photographs, mildewed letters and yellowing guidebooks of the Isle of Shoals archives. As she immerses herself in Maren's poignant tale of love and loss, Jean senses haunting echoes of her fading passion and possessive behaviour...

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