Author - David Pocock
Publisher - Robin Books
Edition - 1889
Binding - Paperback
Language -
Pages - 255
Condition - Used
Who am I? What group do I belong to? How is my group different from others? How is it similar? Just how different do other groups get? Or how similar? These are core questions for anyone who wishes to understand what kind of social being they are. In this classic of anthropology, Professor Pocock introduces readers to the Kaleidoscope diversity of cultures around the World and the very rich variety of their ways of life. By suggesting exercises in cross-cultural comparison which readers can perform as they progress through the chapters. The author aims to make each reader become gradually aware of their own place in the world. The gently interactive style of this book enables readers to reflect on their own social values, such as authority, status, kinship and money. In the progress they also begin to learn how to think anthropologically.