Author - Gervase Phinn
Publisher - Penguin Books
Edition - 2005
Binding - Paperback
Language - English
Pages - 340
Condition - Used
\n \nWhat's your name? I asked the child. \n'Tequila, ' she replied. I'm named after a drink.' \n'Tequila Sunrise, ' I murmured. \n'No, ' pouted the child. 'Tequila Braithwaite.' \nNow in his fourth year as an Inspector for English in the Yorkshire Dales, Gervase Phinn still relishes visiting the schools - whether an inner-city comprehensive fraught with difficulties or a small Dales Primary school where the main danger is one of closure. With endless good humour, he copes with the little surprises that occur round every corner. \nSome things never change: Mrs Savage roars, Connie rants, and Gervase's colleague in the office play verbal ping-pong. But all this can be put behind him each day when he returns home to his lovely wife, Christine, who is expecting their first baby. \nUp and Down in the Dales is charming montage of Gervase Phinn's experiences will keep you amused and will win a place in your heart. \n \n