Author - Flora Peschek-Böhmer, Gisela Schreiber
Publisher - Healing Arts Press
Edition - 1999
Binding - Paperback
Language - English
Pages - 160
Condition - Used
An introduction to urine therapy's amazing effectiveness in treating a wide array of physical complaints. \n \n• Contains effective treatments for acne, asthma, hair loss, indigestion, \ninfections, migraines, warts, wrinkles, and many other common ailments. \n \n• Examines the historical use of urine therapy in the United States, Europe, and Asia. \n \n• Includes a program for overcoming initial aversion to urine therapy. \n \nIf you are like most people, trained from their earliest years to regard urine as a mere waste product, the thought of using it for its healing powers may seem shocking. Yet urine has long played an important role in the holistic medical traditions of societies all over the world, and is even mentioned in the Ebers Medical Papyri of ancient Egypt. For centuries people have been availing themselves of urine's incredible curative powers for ailments ranging from anemia to warts. Urine is free, sterile, and acts homeopathically to "prepare" the immune system. \n \nUrine Therapy includes many case histories of people who have successfully treated their ailments with urine, along with cogent explanations of why urine does what it does, how to ensure that the wastes flushed out with your urine aren't taken back in, and why urine may be the best tonic available for your immune system. In addition to protocols for using urine to treat a wide array of diseases, the book offers a program that teaches you step-by-step to overcome any initial aversion to urine therapy. Still playing an important role in the medical systems of countries as diverse as Germany, Japan, and India, this surprising health treatment has been gaining popularity in the United States.