Author - Tristan Davies, Nick Newman, Nick Park
Publisher - Hodder And Stoughton
Edition - 1999
Binding - Hardcover
Language - English
Pages - 44
Condition - New

It's the night before Gromit's birthday, and Wallace is in the shed planning a surprise: a party with lots of balloons and home-brewed cheese. It's a surprise, alright, when Wallace goes overboard with the helium, and the shed disappears into orbit where zero gravity makes the Home Brew Cheese Kit go into hyperdrive. Soon, Mr. Patel's greenhouse suffers a close encounter of the direct-hit kind and, with West Wallaby Street facing its very own "Edamgeddon," Wallace assembles a crack team to journey into the unknown. Thus, man and dog blast off into space, and with First Knitting Officer Wendolene and Bill "Cheesy" Cheeseman also aboard, Crackers in Space may be Wallace & Gromit's cheesiest mission yet.

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