5 Reasons to buy Used Books

by Shubhra Saxena

Ah! Used/ Second hand books, who doesn't love the nostalgic smell of childhood coming from the pages of the very book you chose to read out, also Used books are super for the environment, isn't that a good enough reason to start with?
When you know that the book is going to be a keeper and deserve a well earned placein your library then we suggest the half -priced used or second hand books available, Here are some reasons why:

1) They're affordable, keeping your budget in check:
Rs.1000 or more is a steep price to pay, specially when that money can buy you a whole meal! You can just save up for more books going for the used/ second hand version of the same book you've been eyeing for so long but didn't get as you already had 5 books lined up to read. Right Readers?

2) E- Readings are great but isn't old school book reading the best?
Harry Potter series can weigh the half of yourdog but reading it online kills the joy of fantasy.Something about hysically flipping the pages of your book and that ownership of it gives us readers the satisfaction no one can explain, here instead of stressing your eyes out, buy an affordable used or second hand book to live your fantasy to the fullest.
3) That Old book aroma
We all can agree that a vintage book is so much exciting than than a fresh new book.They have a familiar scent and a mesmering aroma that throws us back to some old memories of our yester years, an old used book in an excellent condition can provide us with a different story other than what the novel already holds.
4) The side notes or comments can be entertaining
Its a well known fact that some used books often have the luxury of margin notes. Providing us with little insights about the previous owner of the book.They can provide different perspectives to your reading or might even leave you laughing with some amazing theories they've crafted alongside the margins, never the less second handbooks provides a magical joyful experience to a reader.
5) Share the Love and the joy of Reading.
Lastly the most amazing part about used or pre loved books are that they all tell a story, which when passed is shared and enjoyed by every reader adding along their own experiences, once you own a second hand book you can alwayspass it on and can continue the ongoing love story as a reader.

by Shubhra Saxena