Does Magic Really Exist? In The Books They Do!

by Saurabh Sinha

You don’t even realize, but you are magically driven while reading your favorite author’s novel or book. The feeling is totally incomparable and you are lost in it. There is no doubt that reading is priceless and if you have read a good book in your lifetime, you have achieved something better. Although many people haven’t experienced that magical feeling of reading because of technological advancements all around. The number of book readers have declined, as most of the people prefer online reading. And, these people are untouched by the magic of book reading. But, that doesn’t affect the passionate readers at all.

The experience of the reading book is great and helps in gaining knowledge which somehow you don’t know. Reading books improve the brain as it makes it functional. If you have a habit of reading a book regularly, it boosts your mind and makes you smarter at the same time. No matter you are buying a new one or reading used books. Do you know what the interesting part is, you can get the same magical effect from used books also because the value of books never degrades.

And, the people who don’t read books they have to face lack of words. With increasing age, you can feel the declination of memory and reading prevent it. Life is just one, try to make the most of it, that can only show up the worth of your living. Used books are pre-loved books and they are adorable. Magic is the addiction that the book creates in you while reading, it’s like you are not reading, but you are living the story and the character. And, that’s the real fantasy which creates a different world around you. The more you read books, the more you obtain the power of imagination or visualization in you.

Well, if you already a robust book or novel reader, you know about this magic exists here. And, if you don’t believe there is something like magic in books you just need to pour up yourself into it. Whether you are reading new or used books you will get the same level of comforts, confidence, relaxation, happiness, fun, and the feeling of empathy.

by Saurabh Sinha