Why to buy pre-loved books?

by Saurabh Sinha

The bond between humans and books is truly magical and beautiful. When one reads a book, he/she not only connects physically by holding it but emotionally too as books takes a person into a different space where the happiness, laughter, pain and grief of the characters becomes a part of the reader’s life. In this competitive world, where about each other person is suffering from stress and depression, what could be better than taking out time for oneself and travel to a distant land which is abundant in all kind of emotions? Books are the true companions of humans as it is rightly said that it never betrays you and stays with you whenever you require them. Books are capable of creating a bond among readers which cuts across all identities and division. And what could be better than buying pre-loved books to maintain this bond. Pre-loved books are those books which encapsulates strong emotions, ties, bonds of the other readers and helps one to engage with the same. Being an avid reader, one wants to explore different kinds of books. And sometimes, it gets quite hefty on the pockets. Pre-loved books reduce such tensions as they are quite less-priced from the original books. Price is only a small factor but the most special part of the pre-loved books is that such books are linked with the lives of different people with different cultures and is tied with extreme affection and bond.

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by Saurabh Sinha