Fiction or Non Fiction: What you like to read!

by Saurabh Sinha

Sometimes you feel like forgetting everything, the sorrow, the bitterness, unhappiness because you know life is melting every second. The time running now will never be back again. And, there you decide to do, what makes you feel happy and satisfying. Your hobbies and passion can help you overcome all these miseries. Well, if you’re a passionate reader, then I shouldn’t have to advise anything, right? The sorts of genres you can dive into are astounding like classic novel, biographies, romance, mystery, crime, lifestyle, horror, children, fantasy, sci-fi, humor, women’s fiction, thriller, travel, culture, adventure, philosophy, sports, history and the list goes on. Broadly they can be classified into Fiction and Non-Fiction.

What sort of books really attracts you the most?

Fictional books are those which includes a category of imaginable stories. For a creative writer, the sky is the limit. Some people like to read non-fictional stories like the stories related to other people’s real life incidents. Different people have different choices in reading. Whether you read fiction or non-fiction, you gain knowledge, imagination, creativity, visualization, intelligence, cognition and everything which makes you a good human.

Well, instead of thinking much about what to read and what not. Just pick your favorite author’s novel and read in the most comfortable way. And, experience the utmost happiness that you deserve. Books like The diary of a young girl by Anne Frank, paradise lost by John Milton, stories short and sweet by Ruskin Bond, love in the time of cholera by Gabriel García Márquez and all other best selling author. And, the best part about today’s online marketing is, you can even get the second hand book copies of these books and that too at such affordable price. Don’t you think it’s a great chance for you to explore?

If you really think you can contribute a bit to the greenery on our earth, you can opt for a second hand book online. Reading book is love, it gives you the power to win, it gives you encouragement to excel in life by tackling all the situations, good or bad. So, if you think this blog helps in a way that you wanted, hit like, comment and share.

by Saurabh Sinha