These 5 Books Will Bring Positivity To Your Life!

by Saurabh Sinha

Books are informative, entertaining, relaxing, captivating, fascinating and moreover enchanting. You don’t need to say anything books are the one who speaks to the brain and triggers our emotions and keep a continuous communication with the soul. There are books that raise multiple questions in your mind and those are the life-changing books. Reading a book gives the feeling of ultimate pleasure to the core that tends to change something deep inside you.

1) Life of Pi:

Life of Pi, based on a Canadian fantasy adventure written by a great author Yann Martel that was published in 2001. It has won the Booker Prize in 2002. The novel is informative and transformative, the crux of the whole storyline is the adventurous life journey of Pi Patel in an ocean, the struggle for survival. The book reflects the feeling of believing in something good or positive and your strength.

2) Conversation with God:

Conversation with God is a book written by Neale Donald Walsch as a dialogue in which the author asks questions and God answers. It was written in a sequential form and the total number of series was 9 and the first one was published in 1995. The religion, spirituality, education, love, and politics are the main topics of the conversation. This book instigates you to think about your own existence and the world around you.

3) The History of Love:

The novel explains a beautiful love story of Leo Gursky and his love for Alma, composed by Nicolas Kraus in the year 2005. The whole story revolves around the adventure across oceans with the thrill of mystery and euphoria. So, if you like to read some interesting love story, this book is the right choice.

4) The Alchemist:

Paulo Coelho has written this book in the year 1988 which was originally published in Portuguese, translated in 70 languages. It became the best seller novel internationally. The story revolves around a young boy Andalusian shepherd, following his dream of finding a treasure in his journey of the pyramids of Egypt.

5) To Kill a Mocking Bird:

The Pulitzer Prize winning novel published in the year 1960, written by Harper Lee. The story revolves around the author’s observation of her family and neighbors and, about an event that happened in 1936 near her hometown Monroeville, Alabama.
So, get these books in your home library and start seeing the world in a different way. Well, you can even buy a second hand book and enjoy it at the same pace.

by Saurabh Sinha