How Reading Second Hand Books Is Budget Friendly

by Saurabh Sinha

embellished with the glossy cover. But the only thing that bothers sometimes are the cost before they think of purchasing it. Because many of us can’t afford to buy new books all the time. Some people buy books because of the requirement whereas, some do it for their hobby or passion. In both the cases, money matters and you know what the solution is, buying second hand books. Yes, you heard it right! Using second hand book is such a relief for those who are in need of it. Like, the students who need to purchase their new course books but are not able to do so. They can borrow second hand books, it will fulfill their requirements and save money at the same time. Also, the government job aspirants don’t need to waste money on purchasing all new competitive books. If they can borrow the used ones, as the knowledge never ends.

As per the survey, India’s book market is considered as the 6th largest across the globe and by 2020 it is can touch Rs 739 billion. Books acquire the 15 percent of the total e-commerce trade business in the country.

People who are the occasional readers, even they have one corner of their room reserved for books, whether they are the textbooks, gifted or purchased. What’s more, books that you don’t utilize frequently or look after is simply consuming up space that could be better utilized for someone else. There are several websites who offers buying and selling second hand books you can refer.

Books are the valuable assets that should never be dumped instead, reused whenever possible. The books which are just like one waste stuff for some can be a fortune for another. This shows the worth of a book can never go in vain. Instead of throwing old books, give it to someone in need or even sell it that will bring money for you. What will be better than that?

You can see reading second hand books is always budget friendly in any way, you can save money and you can earn by side as well. Not only this, it contributes to the whole earth as a way of protecting our ecosystem.

by Saurabh Sinha